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Open Night Saturday 8th March 2014 by Andrew Mowbray

Open Night at Hadleigh Country Park Saturday 1st April 2014

It´s been a while since we had a successful one of these. During the afternoon the forecast was iffy, but in the end it happened.

We had about 200 members of the public attend and the comments received were very good.

We had 19 scopes looking at stuff:

We also had Betty (with the club several months), Cosmin (potential new member having turned up on Wednesday) and yours truly (long term member) meeting and greeting folk as they arrive.

Robin and Andrew were in the Iron Age Hut with the Moon being projected onto a screen live -courtesy of the telescope donated by Bruce's widow following his passing a few years ago. This is very popular and Andrew was explaining to folk what they are seeing.

Andrew´s brother was there with his son Daniel who was saying how thrilled he was that Ron was able to fix his scope some time ago.

However probably best of all was the ISS pass at 21.16 that went past the Moon and on through the zenith until it entered the Earth´&'s shadow and vanished. This was seen and enjoyed by everyone.

Mike had an unexpected liaison with a very large stone but that was seen and enjoyed by a very select few!

Mike said he was proud to be chairman of the club.


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