The Planets (Version 2.02) Updated 25 February 2002
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The Planets (Version 2.02)

Visual display of planets rotating

On-Line JAVA Application Features: Jupiter's Moons, Galilean Transits, Shadow Transits, Galilean Phenomena Table, Great Red Spot, Rings of Saturn, Saturn's 8 Visible Moons, Smooth Animation and an Animated Solar System Map of the Sky

You may DOWNLOAD this application so that you can use it off-line!

Downloading has the following benifits

No need to be connected to the internet to use.

Quicker Loading Time.

Customise settings to put your own Location Details as default.

Adjust the position of the Great Red Spot should its longitude value change in the future.

Replace the image of Jupiter with your own.

Red version to preserve your dark-sky adaptation.

Save your default settings

The online version has been removed for now as the downloaded version proivdes much better functionality.

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