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Open Nights - What Will I see?
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On our next Open Night on Saturday 1st April 20.00BST until 22.00BST, we plan to have many telescopes of various sizes, to bring you the very best sights of the night sky. If the conditions are good, you will hopefully go home after seeing amazing objects such as:

The Moon

The Earth's natural satellite, orbits some 240,000 miles from us. Its airless surface is covered with impact craters of all sizes, formed by meteorite bombardment. The darker grey areas are called "Mare" (Latin for "sea") but are actually ancient lava flows which have now cooled.

We offer three ways of viewing the Moon. You can look at it through traditional telescopes which will give good views of it at various magnifications.

We have our Moon projector. This is located in the Country Park's Iron Age Hut. Come in, sit down and see our interactive talk on the Moon which is centred around a projector showing the surface of the Moon in amazing detail on a large screen. The images are live from a camera attached to a large telescope just outside.

We also have our MoonCam. This allows you to take your own picture of the Moon and have it sent to you by e-mail as a certificate.

Other objects will be posted nearer the time.

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