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Moon Mosaic by Dave Smith
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Moon Mosaic by Dave Smith
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This Moon image is made up of around 150 overlapping images taken with an Atik314L+ mono CCD camera with a hydrogen alpha narrow band filter through my Vixen FL102S refractor and 2x barlow lens. The resultant images were stitched together using the free program Microsoft ICE (Image Compositing Editor) and finally tweaked in Photoshop. It is more usual to take these images with a webcam or similar camera and use software to sort something like 2000 frames into an order of merit and to stack the best ones. In this case only one image was used for each frame and was done very much as an experiment.

Club member Peter Carson made the following comment: "The image is great Dave. I like the way the outline of the fully illuminated craters show up so prominently.In fact the whole lunar surface is covered in rings.

"I believe the reason an Ha filter helps is because:

"When the weather permits I want to repeat this procedure to see whether this method works well when the seeing is bad. Using a webcam involves hours of processing which wasn’t the case here."

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