Castle Point Astronomy Club
1969-2019 - 50th Anniversary Year
17 hour stitch of the Milky Way by Roy Rookes
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17 hour stitch of the Milky Way by Roy Rookes
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This photo of the Milky Way is 17 hours of imaging over two sites, 9 hours at Kelling Astrocamp and 8 hours at CPAC Astrocamp. The 17 hours is made up of 204 x 5 min exposures taken on a modified Canon 40d camera with a Canon 18-55 mm lens set at 55mm mounted on an Astrotrac driven mount Each photo was taken at ISO 800 using the APT camera control program, 12 x 5 min subs for each 1 hour section. These were then stacked in DeepSkyStacker with a full set of darks, flats and bias frames to produce the 17 photos to make the final image. The 17 photos were then proceed in photo shop, stitched together in Microsoft ICE and the finally tweaked in photo shop.

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