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Observing and Space Weather

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Space Weather
Information on Aurora, meteors, solar activity and other solar system events and news. You can also subscribe so that news of interesting events are e-mailed to you.
Calsky for info on what's going on in the sky currently. You can subscribe to this one.
Guides to the night sky and upcoming events and a objects to observe

Aurora Watch UK
Aurora alerts for the UK. You can subscribe to this one.
Views of the northern sky from Shetland. Good for watching aurora when they appear in the sky there. Use Cliff cams 1 and 3

Aurora Service
European Aurora forecast service

The Sun
Current hydrogen alpha view of the Sun

The Sun
To identify active regions on the Sun.

Comets currently or soon to be visible in the night sky.

Comets currently or soon to be visible in the night sky.

Finding things in the night sky

Heavens Above
When and Where to see the International Space Station (ISS). This website plots the path and transit times of the ISS above your location.

Greece Sky Camera - Live"
The live sky camera shows the sky on Skiathos, Greece.

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