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Open Nights - An Introduction
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Our Open Night on Saturday 15th September has been cancelled due to adverse weather.

Our next Open Nights are 5:30pm to 7:30pm on Saturday 9thFebruary 2019 and 7pm to 9pm on Saturday 5th October 2019.

Our next Family Space Exploration Day also at Hadleigh Country Park will be on Sunday 2nd June 2019.

Check our website regularly for details of our Open Days and Nights or subscribe to our Open Day and Nights RSS FeedOpen Day and Nights RSS FEED for the latest news, Find us on Facebook or .

The Open Nights are ADMISSION FREE!

There is a small charge for our Space Days.

If you came to previous Open Nights when we are lucky to have CLEAR SKIES, then you will know that these nights can be great fun and very enjoyable!

If you've never been before, record your favourite Saturday night shows to watch later and come along and see some REAL stars, and planets, nebulae and galaxies too!!

Our very own Moon will also be very much in the forefront of events!!

The Members of the Castle Point Astronomy Club will make available their telescopes and other equipment to give you stunning views of objects in the night sky. See the links in the left hand menu for more details.

Donations: The Open Nights are free. However, if you would like to make a donation, any monies raised go towards the Country Park, and CPAC funds, to enhance future events. Please also note that the Country Park charge for car parking.

A Special Note about the Weather: We all hope that we will be gifted with totally clear skies, but unfortunately, we cannot control nor are we responsible for the weather!

None of our telescopes are able to see through clouds. It will certainly be advisable to take a look at the sky before attending the Open Night to avoid disappointment.

Also check our web site on the day. If we decide to cancel it for any reason, we will post this on the website and on Twitter, normally by 4pm.

If we have not said it is cancelled by then. we will go ahead. If it is a clear sky, it is wonderful, if it is cloudy, then we will use any clear patches to observe what we can. Of course the weather can change at anytime so please don't be too disappointed if you come along, but don't get to see anything.

The Open Nights are organised by the Castle Point Astronomy Club, Southend Planetarium and Hadleigh Castle Country Park.

For further information about the Open night or the Castle Point Astronomy Club, please contact us or subscribe to our Open Night RSS FeedOpen Night RSS FEED for the latest news, Find us on Facebook or for news on our 2017 open nights as soon as it is released.

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