Castle Point Astronomy Club
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Open Night Reports 2010

Our first Astronomy Open Night of 2010 on Saturday 20th February was a success with about 200 people attending.

Despite some cloud there were clear spells and those attending were able to see a range of objects through the telescopes.

The main field was very busy with the longest queues at the two big scopes.

Our second Open Night on 20th March 2010 had high winds, low cloud and rain. Added to the mix was a smoke plume covering half the sky form a nearby refinery that had not light its cat cracker properly.

A few optimistic visitors turned up, but apart from one or two very brief glimpses of the Moon, we called time early as the weather was not set to improved and indeed didn't.

Our third Open Night on 16th October 2010 was a great success with around 500 people attending. It was a lovely clear night with only a few patches of light cloud towards the end of the evening. Fine views were had of the Moon, Jupiter, the Ring Nebula, double stars and galaxies.

Don't just take our word for it, have a look at this blog Gateway 97.8. Check out the entries for 18th and 22nd October 2010

Our last open night of 2010 which was on 13th November was abandoned due to thick cloud cover. Despite this we had a few members of the public who came along and we had a quick chat with them.

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