Castle Point Astronomy Club
1969-2019 - 50th Anniversary Year
Open Night Reports 2011

Our first Open Night of 2011 on Saturday 12th February was a good event. We had in the order of 350-500 folk along to enjoy the pretty good sky. Amazingly two parties of totalling about eight people were there before 17.00.

There were a bunch of gremlins, affecting several of the scopes as well as the webcam scope, at work but all issues were sorted and fortunately it did not spoil the public's fun.

Ed's wife Ann was doing her usual trick of photographing interesting and often embarrassing bits of the evening, so we await her images with a slight worry.

We were placed on the field around the Iron Age hut - it was pretty wet but with some careful taping off of the worst bits we dealt with it.

The last of us left about 21.00 tired but happy.

The donation box was used a lot - it has not been counted yet - it will be divided between ourselves and the Country Park with them getting the major share as usual.

If you took a picture with our MoonCam, due to a few gremlins that we had, we won't be able to e-mail them to you as we normally do. Instead go to our Open Night Moon Cam Pictures page and download your picture.

Our second Open Night of the year was on 9thApril 2011. The sky was very clear and stable. The new format of holding it on the land around the Iron Age Hut works really well. We had around 450 people attend and all of them seemed to enjoy it/

Our third Open Night on Saturday 8th October 2011 was rained off. you can't win them all!

Our last Open Night of 2011 on Saturday 3rd December 2011 was a success with lots of people attending and clear skies.

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