Castle Point Astronomy Club
1969-2019 - 50th Anniversary Year
Open Night Reports 2013

By Dave Stratton

Our only Open Night in 2013 that wasn't cancelled by the weather was on Saturday 12th October.

We certainly waited a long time for this event. It was marginal up to the last two hours. But Mike bravely decided to go ahead so an enthusiastic group of us turned up. It looked encouraging as we set up - in the car park - as the field was much too wet.

As it got dark we had some clear patches but the scopes could not be set up as there were not enough stars visible. The Moon was at half phase so all attention was devoted to it.

The rangers estimated that we had 60 or 70 cars during the evening so a rough calculation gives something like 200 people. So a whole load of folk got to see the Moon.

One lady was somewhat surprised by how bright it was through Jim's 20inch.

One other object got viewed The Dumbbell Nebula.

The ISS made an appearance for several minutes and rather cleverly stayed in a gap in the clouds.

However the sky got worse and worse so Mike asked us to pack up.

It was a brave attempt.

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