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Open Night Reports 2014

Open Night Saturday 8th March 2014 by Andrew Mowbray

This was our first Open Night of the year. The sky was clear if a little hazy and it wasn't too cold. We had our telescopes on an area of gravel so it was dry underfoot and I was in the irnon Age Hut with Robin giving our Moon talks. Over 80 visitors also took their own images of the Moon with our Moon Cam.

We had around 400 people attend and eveyone seemed to enjoy it. Here is a couuple of the messages from visitors that I've received:

"I attended the astronomy evening at Hadleigh Park for the first time tonight and was both amazed and intrigued by the whole event. Firstly, there were far more people than I had imagined and secondly, the scope of what was offered was huge. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot about the galaxy that I had not previously known. It also gave me an incentive to look at other aspects of astronomy and research facts that I had not previously thought about. Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work that the members put into making the evening a success."

"Providing this opportunity for members of the public is something really special - thank you for that. We were taken back by how many people attended - it was all incredibly well organised (we did have visions of 20 or so people standing round a telescope in the middle of a field!) We do hope to come along in November."

Hopefully we'll see you all again in November!

Open Night Saturday 29th November 2014 by Dave Stratton

We had another great Open Night at Hadleigh Country Park.

The weather was kind to us on the day, but the extreme rain for weeks meant we could not use the area around the Iron Age Hut. Although we did manage to get our camera-on-the-Moon display inside the hut itself. This where we point a telescope with a camara attached at the Moon and project the live image onto a large screen. Andrew and Robin did a splendid job with various kids holding up the Earth and the Moon (It was Toby and Joe when I poked my nose in). Robin (he's bigger than a child) was being the sun with a torch. There was a large gathering of grownups and children enthralled.

Outside the hut on the path we had another scope on the Moon and folk could take their very own image and we email it to them.

The other side of the car park we had a bunch of other scopes looking at a variety of objects. The largest was Jim's 20 inch and the smallest was Andy T with his birding scope. They all enjoyed large queues of eager folk.

The skies got murkier as the event progressed, but not before all had their fill.

The Rangers did a splendid job of setting things up for us and marshalling the cars. We estimate that we had better than 400 people come along.

Well done all.

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