Castle Point Astronomy Club Programme Part 1
Correct as of: 18th October 2019, but all dates subject to change without notice, warning or reason! ** indicates a guest speaker.

2nd January 2019No meeting
9th January 2019Observing Evening or, if cloudy:
Social Evening - All
16th January 2019How Far Away Is It? (Gordon Falconer)
23rd January 2019Observing Evening or, if cloudy:
Astrophotography with an iPhone (Andrew Mowbray)
30th January 2019Exoplanets (Dave Smith)
6th February 2019**The History of Longitude at Greenwich
(Greg Smye-Rumsby)**
13th February 2019Observing Evening
20th February 2019Observing Highlights for March and April (Ed Goward)
27th February 2019Observing Evening
6th March 2019**Explaining the Dendra Zodiac
A celebrated yet mysterious icon of ancient astronomy
Rosalind Park**
13th March 2019Variable Stars (Dave Smith)
20th March 2019Members' Activity Roundup - Various
27th March 2019Observing Evening or, if cloudy:
How the sky works part 1 (Andrew Mowbray)
3rd April 2019**NASA's Human Mars Mission Plans (Gary Auker)**
10th April 2019Observing Evening
17th April 2019Observing Highlights for May and June (Ed Goward)
Whats a brown dwarf and how do we know when weve seen one? (Andy Turner)
24th April 2019Observing Evening or, if cloudy:
How the sky works part 2 (Andrew Mowbray)
27th April 2019The British Astronomical Association One Day Meeting on the theme of Galaxies
1st May 2019May Day Quiz (Andy Turner)
8th May 2019Warp Drive (Discussion)
15th May 2019**Things that go !Bang! In the night (Chris Jones)**
22nd May 2019Astronomers' Question Time (All)
29th May 2019The Eddington Eclipse (Gordon Falconer)
2nd June 2019Space Day at Hadleigh Country Park 10:30am to 12:30pm
5th June 2019Members' Activity Roundup - Various
12th June 2019Telescope Zoo (All)
19th June 2019** To the Moon and Beyond:
Exploring the Solar System from Europe (Sin Cleaver)**
26th June 2019Observing Highlights for July and August (Ed Goward)