Castle Point Astronomy Club
1969-2019 - 50th Anniversary Year
Open Nights - What Will I see?

On our next Open Night, we plan to have many telescopes of various sizes, to bring you the very best sights of the night sky. If the conditions are good, you will hopefully go home after seeing some amazing objects such as:

The Moon

The Earth's natural satellite, orbits some 240,000 miles from us. Its airless surface is covered with impact craters of all sizes, formed by meteorite bombardment. The darker grey areas are called "Mare" (Latin for "sea") but are actually ancient lava flows which have now cooled.

Point & Shoot (You decide)

Another telescope will be available to view whatever you want! Have a go at using a telescope yourself with expert advice. If you are seriously interested in buying a telescope, this is the chance to ask questions before you go out and buy. This telescope is also accessible for wheelchair users.

All these objects and telescopes are subject to change and objects may be added or removed on the night.

Other objects will be posted nearer the time so check back soon. Our RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds will alert you when the object list has been posted.

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